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New Software to Automate Document Conversion

fCoder Group presents Folder Mill and Print Conductor – software programs designed for converting documents and automating conversion tasks.

PDF Converter for Business

Lately, the PDF format has found widespread use in business. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the capabilities of the Universal Document Converter which make it a powerful PDF converter designed primarily for corporate use.

Universal Document Converter and PDF Protection

As PDF becomes more popular, there is an ever growing need to provide security for files in this format. The Universal Document Converter equips users with all the tools required to protect PDF files.

Universal Document Converter for a Marketing Department

Every modern marketing department in any company encounters a number of unique tasks requiring the use of specialized IT tools. Handling PDF files may serve as an example. Today, this is a multi-purpose format used in a number of fields.

Universal Document Converter 5.1 Now Supports Windows 7

The company fCoder Group presents Universal Document Converter 5.1. The new version has been localized in three additional languages and is compatible with Windows 7.

Using Universal Document Converter 5.0 at the Enterprise

To make it simpler for corporations to use the new version of Universal Document Converter, new features such as the option of automated installation and a new API have appeared.

Universal Document Converter 5.0 and Data Protection

The fifth version of Universal Document Converter presents users with new possibilities for preparing documents to be published on the Internet and for protection against unauthorized usage.

Universal Document Converter 5.0 is Now 64-bit Compatibe!

The company fCoder Group presents Universal Document Converter 5.0. The new version of the program is compatible with all modern versions of the Windows operating system, supports exporting documents into the PDF/A format and can place watermarks on copies of documents.

Distribution Agreement with ISP*D of Germany

fCoder Group, Inc. and ISP*D International Software Partners GmbH have entered into a distribution agreement.

The Sale of Electronic Textbooks on the Internet

The optimal format for publishing books on the Internet is PDF. The program Universal Document Converter enables authors to effectively convert their work into this format.

Cut Costs in Converting to an Electronic Workflow System

In the process of converting to an electronic document management system, as a rule it is necessary to digitize the existing document archive. The program Universal Document Converter is ideal for solving this task and makes it possible to significantly cut costs in implementing such a solution.

Printing to PDF with Ease, Virtual PDF Printer

At present, PDF is one of the most popular formats for storing and exchanging electronic documents. However, the task of creating such files, especially in mass quantities, often creates difficulties for the user. In this article we will discuss how to convert documents into PDF easily and efficiently.

The Business-oriented PDF Creator

All PDF files you can find are created by means of converting already existing documents from other formats using special software. In this article we suggest looking in detail at the process of creating PDF files with the aid of one of the most convenient business-oriented PDF creators.

Universal Document Converter for Emailing Documents

At the present day, many companies encounter the need to frequently email documents. The program Universal Document Converter makes this process much more effective, speedier and cost effective.

Universal Document Converter and Business Plans Presentation

The effective presentation of a business plan with slides, charts, graphs and diagrams can help to interest investors. In order to design such presentations, it is necessary to convert items into image files.

Universal Document Converter and Optimizing Press Clipping

Press clipping is an important procedure in marketing products and services. It is laborious work and also extremely time-consuming. Using Universal Document Converter makes it possible to automate press clipping and reduce expenses for this task.

Universal Document Converter and Document Storage

The task of storing documents has always been considered important. Document archives, blueprint archives, household archives, and personal archives… all of these are used for storing documents that are considered valuable by their owners. In addition, more and more frequently we mean electronic information. After all, it is precisely in such a format that almost all data is processed today.

New Video Presentation for Universal Document Converter

The company fCoder Group has prepared a new video presentation for Universal Document Converter software. In one minute this Flash video will help new users of the product learn how to convert documents into PDF, JPEG, TIFF and other image formats!

Designing Presentations using Universal Document Converter

Computer presentations are a unique way to let people know about yourself, your company or your educational institution. At the present day, such presentations are widespread. This is due to easily available applications for creating presentations. With their aid, any computer user can design a presentation.

Outsourcing the Print of Drawings without Problems

Many design organizations outsource the printing of their work to specialized printing centers. In this case, there are worries not only about protecting the drawings from unwanted changes during the transfer to another computer, but also concerning the safety of one’s intellectual property. The simplest and most elegant solution for both tasks is the program Universal Document Converter.

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