Use Paperless Workflow to Save Money, Time and Nature!

fCoder Group, Inc develops and distributes effective, easy-to-use solutions for automating document management and transferring it to a paperless system. The company’s products are the result of many years of experience in the area of data conversion and document management optimization for different companies, from small firms to large corporations. The problem that is solved using fCoder Group, Inc. products is equally relevant for all modern companies. It is a drastic rise in documents’ quality and volume, leading to significant delays on the level of departments, projects and processes. Besides, it is the need to turn all documentation into a single type, document conversion and mass printing of documents with a short life-cycle. This all leads to a significant rise in expenditures on printing and copying, paper use and inappropriate use of a company’s labor resources. To solve these problems, the company offers Universal Document Converter and FolderMill. The first converts documents in 8 different graphical formats quickly and accurately. The second program lets users automate the conversion of any documents in PDF, TIFF or JPEG formats. Used together or separately, these products let users fundamentally reduce the load on copying technology, avoid unnecessary expenditures and reduce paper use to the minimum. Here are a few examples of typical situations in which these products help users save significant amounts of time and money. – Transfer of different types of documents (such as PDF, OpenOffice, accounting reports, data in tables) into a single format for editing, for example, DOC. As a rule, the problem is solved by printing a document, then scanning it and identifying it using OCR software. As a result, the printed document “lives” for just a few minutes and is discarded into the bin as soon as its electronic copy is obtained. FolderMill lets users reduce the process down to two steps: virtual printing in a TIFF file and processing the resulting file using text recognition software. This requires no paper or printer cartridge, nor does it take up a lot of the workers’ time, which has a positive effect on labor productivity and monthly expenditures. Not to mention the fact that the process can be fully automated. – Replacing a bulky, cumbersome paper archive with an electronic one. Corporations working with large volumes of documents often face the problem of storing them and searching for necessary information in an archive. Even a paper archive with a thought-out system of archive inventory does not come close to its electronic analogue in terms of comfort for the user. Universal Document Converter lets users easily transfer any documents to a single standard (for example, PDF) without the need to use paper for printing archive copies. Moreover, shifting to a paperless document management system lets you instantly exchange documents online or via e-mail, as well as to manage a document archive even without using special software. fCoder Group, Inc products let you shift to a more ecological paperless document system easily and painlessly, and thus make your business more efficient.
  • Thomas Vass

    Owner of The Private Capital Market Crowd Funding Website

    «I have used Universal Document Converter since the very first versions as my sole tool for making document conversions. It works flawlessly and is very user-friendly. I recommend the product for all business applications.»