Why is it Better to Send PDF, JPEG or TIFF Files by E-mail, Rather than Word, Excel, Visio or AutoCAD?

Incompatibility of software versions between colleagues and clients can be a major problem when exchanging documents. This problem can be solved by sharing documents in a format that is platform-independent. Such formats include PDF, TIFF and JPEG. Each of these formats can be opened on any computer, laptop or tablet, without the need to install additional software. Furthermore, all of these file types are “solid”, i.e. they do not require the installation of additional fonts and do not contain links to databases or graphic textures outside of the file. Proposed solution The Universal Document Converter program is a complete solution for converting files from any format to PDF, JPEG and TIFF. The program is based upon virtual printing technology, meaning that converting documents to your chosen format is as easy as printing on a desktop printer. All current document and drawing editing software packages include a function to output to a printer or plotter. This gives you the ability to use the Universal Document Converter to convert data of any type. Program capabilities Universal Document Converter allows you to change the scale of documents as part of the conversion process. This enables you to make reduced-size copies of full-scale drawings for quick viewing on an iPad, or to include them in PowerPoint presentation slides. Additionally, it includes the option of embedding a “watermark” in the document containing information, for example, on the project developer and development date. If you are converting to TIFF or PDF, you can combine all your project documentation (drawings, graphics, specifications, tables, etc.) into a one multi-page file. By sending this consolidated document to your client, they will never experience the problem of losing part of the documentation. Universal Document Converter allows you to convert documents of any size, from a business card to a full-size construction drawing. The resolution of the converted document can be set anywhere between 50 and 6,000 dpi. A high-resolution version enables you to prepare documents for printing at a printing office, and a low-resolution version for publication on the company website. With these capabilities, Universal Document Converter makes sharing documents a whole lot easier, and will save you an enormous amount of time.
  • John Haddock


    «Universal Document Converter is perfect for converting Word and PowerPoint documents into high quality JPEG images or well-compressed PDF files.»