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IT with a Human Face: History of Microsoft Excel

In general, people are divided into two categories: some enjoy Excel tremendously and cannot imagine their lives without it and the others hate it to the same extent. Let’s try and figure out the reason for these feelings and differences in attitude.

Charles Simonyi

IT with a Human Face: Microsoft Word Document File Anthropology

Let’s take a less official and less technical look at Microsoft Word format and try to understand why it became so popular, and what takes place behind the curtains.

Universal Document Converter 6.6 is ready to Capture Documents as PDF and Image files

The new version of Universal Document Converter is 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. It also includes noticeable improvements in PDF and JPEG creation algorithms.

Convert DWG to PDF with FolderMill and Universal Document Converter!

Users of FolderMill now can convert AutoCAD DWG, DXF and Solidworks documents to PDF, JPG, TIFF, or PNG formats. It was made possible by using FolderMill in combination with the virtual printer Universal Document Converter.

Universal Document Converter 6.5 is now compatible with Windows 10!

Although Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to be released in late 2015, Universal Document Converter 6.5 is ready for the upcoming platform compatibility challenges!

How to Convert PDF to JPG via the Command Line?

Let us describe two options for converting PDF to JPG in batch mode. The first one is by using Adobe Reader in combination with a virtual printer. The second option implies the use of the command line by means of the 2JPEG software.

Convert any Documents to PDF with Universal Document Converter 6.4

fCoder Group, Inc. has released the updated version of Universal Document Converter – version 6.4. Among the innovations announced is the totally redesigned PDF creator engine which produces searchable PDF files much faster.

Convert Documents to JPEG or TIFF formats with Universal Document Converter 6.3!

Universal Document Converter 6.3 makes it possible to convert documents of any types to JPEG, TIFF, or PNG image formats. Another option that is included is conversion of documents to PDF. The documents that can be processed include presentations, diagrams, charts, drawings, etc.

Convert Word to TIFF

How to Convert Document to JPG or TIFF image?

Conversion of documents to the PDF format is a frequent necessity, and practically every software that is utilized to create different types of documents and presentations enables the users to do so. But what if the document needs to be converted to an image saved in JPG or TIFF format?

How to Get Universal Document Converter for FREE?

What you need to do is to write a short essay about Universal Document Converter on your own blog and send us a link to the publication.

xps to pdf

Convert XPS to PDF or JPG?

Sharing XPS documents between Windows computers is easy. But what if your customer works on Mac or prefers to check email on iPad? Both of these devices don’t have preinstalled software to open XPS files. But both of them can open PDF and JPG!

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Universal Document Converter 6.2 is Ready!

fCoder Group has released a new version of Universal Document Converter – version 6.2. There are several innovations introduced, one of which is the ability to convert color documents into black-and-white images.

Automatic Document Printing with 2Printer Command Line Tool

fCoder Group has announced the release of the 2Printer software. The program is a command line tool that has been designed for printing documents, worksheets, PDF files, presentations, drawings and images automatically and in batch mode.

searchable pdf compression

Improved PDF Compression with Universal Document Converter 6.1

fCoder Group announced the release of Universal Document Converter 6.1. Thanks to the optimization of the data compression algorithm, the size of searchable PDF files created becomes significantly smaller.

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Save Document as PDF or Image with Universal Document Converter 6.0!

fCoder Group, Inc. announced the release of Universal Document Converter 6.0. With the updated version of Universal Document Converter customers are able to convert any types of documents into image files or save them as searchable PDFs.

The PDF at its 20-th Birthday

Did you know that the PDF is turning 20 this year? PDF has undergone various modifications and updates since its invention in the early 1990s. We invite you to join us in celebrating the 20th birthday of PDF. And we have a little gift for you – you will find it at the end of this article :-)

Universal Document Converter 5.8 now Supports Microsoft Windows 8.1!

fCoder Group, Inc. presents Universal Document Converter 5.8. This new version is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1 and contains several fixes as requested by customers.

Universal Document Converter 5.7 and Printing a List of Documents

fCoder Group presents Universal Document Converter 5.7. The new version of the program features numerous fixes and enhancements suggested by users.

Universal Document Converter 5.6 Works with Citrix!

fCoder Group has released Universal Document Converter 5.6. This new version can be shared in a Citrix environment and includes several improvements requested by customers.

Huffman Coding – Base of JPEG Image Compression

Huffman coding can be used to compress all sorts of data. It is an entropy-based algorithm that relies on an analysis of the frequency of symbols in an array.

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