Printing to JPG with Ease

Converting documents, tables, and charts to JPG format makes them completely versatile. Every modern computer (and even a smart phone!) has special software installed to view this file type, so you can – once and for all – solve the problem of data compatibility for your customers and yourself! The need to save files as JPG images often arises in word processing. Viewing image files in this format does not require special software. It’s convenient and significantly simplifies work for the end user. Small JPG files can be put on the Internet without extraordinary effort or can be sent via email. This lets end users view them directly within a browser. One way to produce a JPG image is to use the Print Screen function and then an image editor such as Microsoft Paint. This process takes a lot of time, especially for routine work on a large number of documents that varying in format and size. Furthermore, there is a noticeable loss of quality in the output file. Utility programs are more convenient and simpler way to perform the conversion. It’s impossible to beat the program Universal Document Converter at JPG printing in terms of quality and ease of use. But that’s no surprise, because in this case it allows the user to print a document as a JPG file literally with just a few clicks of the mouse using the print function found in most applications. The theory and operation of Universal Document Converter as a virtual JPG printer are simple and understandable. The program is easily installed on the computer. Once installed, a new device appears in the list of printers–a virtual printer. To begin, the desired document is opened using an editor or viewer designed to handle its file type. Then, after pushing the Print button the editor sends the document to the Universal Document Converter printer, which converts it into a JPG. At this point, if necessary, the user can configure the desired JPG print settings for the output file. To make work even easier, the program installs a toolbar in a number of the most popular office applications, namely MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, that makes printing a document as a JPG possible with a single click of the mouse. Most programs designed for viewing and editing documents in various formats have a print function. This includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Adobe Acrobat, DjVu, and others. This means that the program Universal Document Converter can make JPGs out of all of these types of files. Universal Document Converter is superior in its ease of use, understandable controls, and compact interface. Indisputably beneficial, the number of potential users is increasing significantly. This JPG printer offers the end user the opportunity to select the optimal balance between the image quality and file size of the output JPGs, adjusting the resolution, dimensions, color depth, and quality of the resulting image. Industrial drawings, high-resolution medical image, advertising materials, multi-page reports and accounting records, Excel tables and charts, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents–the challenge of converting these and other file types to JPGs is considerably simplified with the help of the Universal Document Converter virtual printer. In today’s rapidly changing world, time is money. Universal Document Converter’s unique capabilities make it possible to avoid a whole range of unnecessary and sometimes pointless steps, to save energy and, most importantly, time. And in doing so, it significantly streamlines document workflow and increases the productivity and quality of employees’ work in general.
  • Arthur Rabatscher

    Arthur Rabatscher

    AR-Soft Widnau GmbH, Switzerland

    «On a Delphi-Developer-Homepage we found an example how to convert Word- or Excel Documents into PDF. Within this source code the use of the OCX of the Universal Document Converter was shown. This was the easiest way, how we could convert all kinds of documents into the PDF Format.»