How to Get Universal Document Converter for FREE?

Universal Document Converter is the software for processing documents of different types. No matter what type of documents you have – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint presentations – they can all be successfully converter to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and other formats.

Universal Document Converter is installed on your PC as a virtual printer. Its toolbar is integrated into corresponding Microsoft Office applications, and with only a couple of mouse clicks any document can be converted to another format.

Corporate clients will benefit from high speed task salvation methods by installing Universal Document Converter on server. The software can process files of any size, even really large files.

Terminal Services technology implies that every user has a personal desktop area on server and can access the files located there from practically every computer connected to the Internet. Terminal Technology provides access to all the programs, including Universal Document Converter.

Universal Document Converter offers useful solutions for software developers who can use public API and code examples. Useful resources available with Universal Document Converter can be successfully utilized in other software products.

Universal Document Converter is 100% commercial software, but some customers can claim for a discount or even a free software version. Normally that takes place when the program is intended for study, personal or nonprofit needs.

Today I am happy to offer you Universal Document Converter free of charge!

What you need to do is to write something about our program on your own blog and send us a link to the publication. Just a short essay – 5 or more sentences with a link to, and you will become a happy owner of the commercial version of Universal Document Converter for free. My colleagues will be happy to send you the full featured program version within one business day upon getting a request via the online support form.

With best regards, Mikhael Bolgov
Vice president of fCoder Group, Inc.

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