With Universal Document Converter I sped up a myriad of tasks!

I am Ciro Bianco, a young Italian pharmacist, and a lover of the Information Technology sector.

After several searches, driven mainly by personal need and curiosity to the Web-Capturing or printing the entire length of a web page in a single image JPG, I came across Universal Document Converter, and in it I found a good answer to my professional needs.

This simple but versatile application appears as a virtual printer through which you can choose a variety of output formats to file, PDF, TIF multi page, simple JPG, easy to install, understand and use.

With Universal Document Converter can be solved by a number of organizational problems and speed up a myriad of tasks.

One need only think of the advertising leaflets which are the fruit with traditional office suites, graphics-rich compositions, spacing and articulated characters, which sent electronically to a printer, will be printed without the bad jokes that play different viewers because of closures of proprietary formats.

You also need to report the example of processing Universal Document Converter Included in the web pages and slide flowing on display in shop windows or desk to ask for the attention of customers as they can be useful.

Consider also the archives and processing procedures in a fully digital and fast transfer to accountant; focuses attention on bubbles and invoices analyzed and stored, to payroll Employees who do not suffer the logistical delays transport, to report monthly simple and immediate, all reducing the cost of documentation physicality of service and especially pollution resulting from waste.

Dr. Ciro Bianco,
Pharmacist from Naples, Italy