Universal Document Converter 6.6 is ready to Capture Documents as PDF and Image files

fCoder company recently introduced an updated version of Universal Document Converter – a virtual printer software product used worldwide for converting documents, drawings and presentations to PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF and Bitmap files. The new version of Universal Document Converter is 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. It also includes noticeable improvements in PDF and JPEG creation algorithms. Universal Document Converter installs a special toolbar to the Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint ribbon menus. This component lets customers export active documents to an image or PDF file with just one mouse click.

Document Converting Automation

Users can also perform batch conversions of documents to PDF or image files on a workstation using a combination of Universal Document Converter and Print Conductor. Simply run Print Conductor, add documents to the list, select Universal Document Converter as the active printer and click “Start”. All documents will be converted automatically at the same time! 2Printer is a command line instance of Print Conductor. IT specialists can use 2Printer for automating document printing. If the IT specialist is also using Universal Document Converter, all documents will be converted to PDF, JPG, TIFF or another file format – depending on the preferences configured in Universal Document Converter. FolderMill is a server-side solution for processing documents and image files. FolderMill is designed to convert documents with the same settings configured by IT specialists when the software is deployed. With this type of setup, regular office personnel don’t have access to document conversion preferences. As a result, all PDFs or image files are created automatically with no chance for mistakes made by the “human intervention factor”. FolderMill is also compatible with Universal Document Converter. Using these two products together dramatically increases the list of documents FolderMill can process.

Licensing and availability

An evaluation version of Universal Document Converter is available for free at: https://www.print-driver.com/download One business license costs USD 69 and can be ordered from: https://www.print-driver.com/order Site and developer licenses, volume, non-profit and educational discounts are available by request at: https://www.print-driver.com/support

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