Convert AutoCAD DWG to JPEG

Drawings saved in the AutoCAD DWG format often need to be converted into some more universally recognized format, such as JPEG.

The JPEG image format will allow printing the drawings, emailing them, or uploading them on the website. It’s important to keep the highest possible image quality of these files preserving every detail. Universal Document Converter can be helpful in many ways when processing AutoCAD DWG files.

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How to Convert Autodesk AutoCAD Drawing to JPEG

Saving AutoCAD drawings as JPEG files is easy if Universal Document Converter is installed on your computer.

Step 1: Open the drawing in AutoCAD and click Plot

Place Watermark on the Drawings for Copyright Protection

By watermarking your drawings you protect them from illegal use. To place a watermark on your Autodesk AutoCAD DWG files please follow the instruction:

  1. Open the drawing and click Plot
  2. Select Universal Document Converter from the list of plotters and click Properties
  3. Select Custom Properties on the Device and Document Settings tab and click Custom Properties button in the Access Custom Dialog area
  4. On the Universal Document Converter settings panel go to the Watermark area. Select the type of the watermark you wish to use.

Universal Document Converter settings for text watermark

Convert AutoCAD DWG to JPEG in Batch Mode

Universal Document Converter and another software that goes along with it – Print Conductor will help you convert several drawings into the JPEG format. Print Conductor is the software that has been designed for batch conversion specifically.

  1. Add the drawings you would like to convert
  2. Select Universal Document Converter printer
  3. Click Change Settings to set destination folder and JPEG Image as an output file format
  4. Click Start to begin converting drawings and charts to JPEG.

Drawings in Print Conductor

AutoCAD to JPEG Code Examples for Developers

Software developers can make use of the existing conversion practices offered by Universal Document Converter. We offer several resources, such as public API and code examples for different programming languages that can be used in similar conversion projects.

If there is a necessity to install Universal Document Converter on a number of workstations, the installation process will be simplified via the automatic deployment feature.

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