Electronic Document (Workflow) Management

Electronic document circulation is a computer system to manage electronic documents throughout their lifecycle and to monitor document flow within an organization. Therefore, an electronic document circulation system is designed for comprehensive automation of business processes related to the handling of various documents.

In fact, electronic document circulation systems are sophisticated multi-module software products with fairly broad functionality. They normally have tools to create, modify, track documents, monitor implementation. They are integrated with the corporate IT system and equipped with protection from unauthorized access. They are also capable of generating various analytical reports and have support for digital signatures.

Electronic document (workflow) management systems are built around databases of electronic documents. A specialized document storage module is frequently used to store such electronic documents. It maintains the integrity of the electronic documents throughout their lifecycle.

Electronic document (workflow) management systems frequently use standard electronic document formats. Documents created with different versions of different software do not lend themselves to structured or formalized storage. Therefore, electronic document circulation systems convert documents into a common format which frequently turns out to be PDF.

See also: PDF Server, Fax Printer, PDF SDK.

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