Now I Can Create PDF Files – and no Pricey Adobe Soft Required!

My name is Marc Crames and I am currently enrolled at a German University near Aachen as an electrical engineering student. The frequent exchange of data is a crucial part of my studies. As a matter of fact, data exchange occurs rather regularly among all the students.

As for me, I mostly create CAD drawings and presentations in E-Cad or AutoCAD. The only problem has been that the programs that are required to open these files were not always available on the recipient’s side.

For instance, I once had to send copies to Nigeria for an ABB project. With the infrastructure there being considerably worse than it is here in Germany, people often turn to the use of Internet cafes. These ‘publicly’ accessible computers are usually equipped with nothing but an operating system for Internet Explorer and an antivirus program.

Therefore, I had to find a way to view drawings and templates regardless of the platform that they are on. In Windows, that mostly involves image files (e.g. JPG/GIF). Luckily, Windows XP has a special viewer that is capable of opening and printing these files.

But how can you create high quality image files from these documents?

While searching the Internet, I stumbled upon the ‘Universal Document Converter’ software. From the developer’s website, I was able to download a trial version in German.

After working with the program for just a few minutes I was already able to create several image files. The tool completely meets all of my expectations. It even allows me to precisely adjust the resolution of the created file. In addition, as a pleasant side effect, the file is relatively immune to alteration.

The software emulates a printer that is just as easily manageable as my ink jet printer menu. I am very pleased with the opportunities that data exchange now holds in store for me. Now I can even create PDF files without having to purchase expensive Adobe software.

Finally, I found a simple solution that allows me to create images and PDF files from ANY program, using nothing but a printer driver. The files can then be opened, viewed, and printed on any Windows computer. Many thanks to the fCoder Group, Inc. company!

Marc Crames,
Electrical Engineering Student,

Marc Crames