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We Redirect MicroStation’s Printout to UDC and Have a Hi Quality GIF File

We use Bentley Systems MicroStation to produce street maps for the City and have found that the quality of GIF images, as exported from MicroStation, gave us a poor reproduction of the fidelity of the base map data. With Universal Document Converter we redirect MicroStation’s printout to GIF and are able to have an expected quality in a GIF file.

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Great performance makes UDC very usable!

Universal Document Converter provides an incredibly easy way perform a task that other software can make difficult. Great performance makes it very usable in high volume situations. We have tested many similar applications which claim to provide an image printer driver, but they prove only to be a slow application with several steps to complete before producing the image. Universal Document Converter is seamless when having multiple users on the same computer, it simply appears a windows printer and behaves as it should. Great work!

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We Use Universal Documents Converter Every Day!

We are mainly using the Universal Documents Converter for converting our original Word documents to PDF, which we are distributing among our customers and service offices. As it is only a printer driver and NOT a program which start the conversion it is fast and easy for us to use.

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Now we can support all applications in our presentation software!

We were looking for a simple and economical method of rasterizing and/or obtaining image based output from standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project and other applications that supported OLE automation. Upon review, Universal Document Converter appeared to be a great fit. After purchasing Universal Document Converter, were able to eliminate much of our custom export code used to automate various applications. This is great as now we can support all applications in our presentation software.

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We didn’t expect to find a program of this comfort and user-friendliness for that cheap price!

Universal Document Converter is a very easy to use tool to print documents to graphics. You can use various image formats and resolutions, there are some pre-built profiles but you can save your own settings using the profile-manager in the printers menu. There are many output formats included, which can be very helpful. Not only PDF but also JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PCX and DCX can be selected as output format.

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I recommend UDC to anyone who has to convert documents into TIFF or other picture-formats

Bozankaya Metall & Kunststoff GmbH is a System supplier for the commercial vehicle- and railway industry (Design, manufacture and distribution of fixtures, weld constructions as well as chassis frames, complete bodies-in-white and interior fitting components for commercial- and rail vehicles) type approval: Chassis Frames and Bodies-In-White for Commercial Vehicles. Fabian Grabau from Bozankaya Metall & […]

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UDC is the best software for converting documents I have found and tested!

Universal Document Converter is the best converter software I have found and tested. It is easy to install, easy to understand and to manipulate. The result of each conversion is very, very close to the original. It’s important for us because we have to print on preformatted paper and we can’t accept any difference.

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UDC is an awesome program and I use it everyday it makes life so much easier!

I use Universal Document Converter to convert documents to PDF and JPEG to embed jpeg’s in emails and send PDF’s to clients. Sending a PDF is much more professional than sending a word document. I have created letterhead for my business and I simply write a quick note to a client, convert to JPEG and then send the embedded JPEG in the body of the email. This is an awesome program and I use it everyday it makes life so much easier!

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We found that UDC gave us the greatest variety of choices for document conversion

We use Universal Document Converter to convert AutoCAD DWG files to raster image files such as JPEG or Bitmap. There really aren’t many products out there that do those conversions. We found that Universal Document Converter gave us the greatest variety of choices for document conversion.

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Universal Document Converter is the most stable and the handiest tool I’ve got!

Universal Document Converter worked quickly and effectively with files of all sizes. I also appreciate the user interface as it is powerful and easy to configure for any application you might need. It allows you to save configurations that you use often so that you don’t have to change the settings manually every time you switch tasks. Overall, I recommend Universal Document Converter to anyone who even thinks they might need it, because you can’t beat this much bang for so few bucks.

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Universal Document Converter is the best image file creator that I have found!

Event Floorplans Ltd. offers a wide range of intelligent internet solutions to deliver a real return on an investment. Jason Canning, Director of Event Floorplans Ltd, said: Document distribution is one of the most important parts of our business, without it we just couldn’t survive.

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If you ever printed documents to a printer, you’ll be able to start using Universal Document Converter in no time!

Universal Document Converter lives up to its claim that converts almost any document, including Microsoft Word file, Adobe PDF, Web page, Microsoft PowerPoint graph and so on, to widely use graphics format. It is extremely easy to use and does not require any special application interface. Universal Document Converter supports various image formats and resolutions, contains pre-built profiles covering the most typical conversion tasks and features flexible settings.

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With Universal Document Converter, I can simply “print” reports to a graphics file!

Part of my duties is to create customer announcement documents for new versions of our Point-Of-Sale software. Before Universal Document Converter, there was not a good way for me to include copies of sample reports without printing them out and scanning them into an electronic format, which was time consuming and did not always produce the best quality. Now, with Universal Document Converter, I can simply “print” to a graphics file.

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  • Alfred Dietrich

    DI Alfred Dietrich


    «I use all of the MS Office programs with the Universal Document Converter being an indispensable addition for creating PDF files and converting files to JPG and TIF file formats. The Universal Document Converter is intuitive in its structure, easy to handle and, most importantly, extremely reliable. Currently, I am using the 6.0 version on Windows 7 and I am very happy with it.»