Convert Word to TIFF

Converting Word to TIFF may be necessary when one deals with e-faxing or printing. Universal Document Converter will make it possible to convert Word to TIFF setting additional options, such as color depth and others. On this page: How to convert Word to TIFF? Keep the Background of the Document in the output TIFF Place […]

How to Convert Word to PNG

By converting your Word documents to PNG processing the graphics that the word document contains will become much easier. The PNG format will accurately represent all the tiny details the picture contains thus making it more appropriate for publishing on the website, etc. The Universal Document Converter makes it easy to quickly convert Word to […]

Convert Word to JPEG

Universal Document Converter can convert your Microsoft Word files to sets of optimized JPEG images or other image types. Converting Word to JPEG will save document pages as pictures, which cannot be edited but can be opened and read on almost any device.  This simple converter offers many customizable settings and high image quality. It […]

Save Word as PDF

If a certain Word document received by email is not displayed correctly or cannot be opened at all, this may happen for many reasons: there is no required software installed on a tablet, or the preferred font is not there on the computer, etc. Saving this document as a bitmapped PDF file will be a […]

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