How to Convert Word to PNG

By converting your Word documents to PNG processing the graphics that the word document contains will become much easier. The PNG format will accurately represent all the tiny details the picture contains thus making it more appropriate for publishing on the website, etc. The Universal Document Converter makes it easy to quickly convert Word to PNG using virtual printing. Output PNG files can be opened in any image viewer or uploaded to the Internet.

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How to Convert Microsoft Word DOC to PNG

By means of the Universal Document Converter toolbar conversion from the Word to PNG can be performed by means of the “hot keys”. Conversion from Word to PNG is possible via only a couple of clicks.

  1. Go to the Toolbar of the Universal Document Converter
  2. Click Convert Document to…
  3. Choose PNG Images as the output file and click Save

Save Word as PNG toolbar

How to Convert DOC to PNG in Batch Mode

Conversion from Word to PNG can take place with single files as well as folders containing thousands of files. Print Conductor is the batch-oriented software that will help converting Word to PNG.

  1. Install and run Print Conductor
  2. Add the files saved as .doc or .docx and choose the Universal Document Converter as the printer
  3. Go to Printing properties and choose PNG image as the output format
  4. Click Start to convert the files from Word DOC to PNG.

Print Conductor with list of Word files (*.doc, *.docx, *.txt)

Solutions for Software Developers

Make use of the public API and code examples available with the Universal Document Converter. The conversion kernel of the Universal Document Converter can be successfully used for similar projects development. Installation of the Universal Document Converter is not limited by the number of workstations and can be run on many of those.

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