How to Batch Convert PDF files to JPG?

PDF files often need to be converted to JPEG. Dealing with a single PDF file does not cause any problems. But converting PDF file folders containing several or even a large number of files is trickier. Batch conversion of PDF files to JPEG can be efficiently fulfilled with Universal Document Converter (up to 15 files) […]

How to Split PDF

A PDF file usually contains several pages that can be used as separate files. To split multipage PDF to single pages, please install Universal Document Converter and follow this manual. On this page: How to split PDF? Split PDF files in batch mode PDF processing code examples for developers How to Split PDF Step 1: […]

How to Convert PDF to PNG

Today PDF is one of the most popular formats for saving and sharing electronic documents. However, the need sometimes arises to convert a PDF file to one of several graphics formats, such as PNG, GIF and Bitmap. Universal Document Converter is the optimal solution for this type of conversion. With Universal Document Converter users can […]

Convert PDF to TIFF

Companies that use e-faxing may need to convert PDF files to the TIFF format. Universal Document Converter will automate PDF to TIFF conversion that can be applied on any variations of the PDF and TIFF formats. On this page: How to convert PDF to TIFF? Avoiding the corrupted fonts issue using “Print as image” Convert […]

Convert PDF to JPG

Today, PDF is the most popular solution for storing and exchanging electronic documents. The need to convert PDF files to JPEGs arises when there is a necessity to publish the documents in the Internet, to use them for presentations or videos, or to send them to CRM or EPR systems. On this page: How to […]

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