Universal Document Converter helps me protect my intellectual property

I am a copywriter and a freelance journalist. Unfortunately, I don’t always get paid in advance as the nature of my work dictates that I often need to write advertisements to send to competitions and tenders, demonstrate my portfolio to new and potential clients, as well as offer already written articles to editors of magazines and newspapers with whom I haven’t worked before. Intellectual property is extremely vulnerable in such situations, and I have had to contend with disrespect towards my work from certain clients on several occasions.

For a long time, I had to accept this as simply part of my profession. I didn’t even suspect that a solution to my problem existed until I stumbled upon the company fCoder and during the course of our mutual work found out that they have a software product, Universal Document Converter, which is able to significantly decrease the risks of intellectual property theft. This program has enabled me to convert with ease all text documents into a change protected read-only format. Now it is possible for me not only to protect my copyright, but to also prepare web content for clients in such a way as to significantly protect it against unauthorized usage. Of course there is no insurance against it being copied longhand; however, when I send a client a text to be agreed upon in a protected format, I don’t give him or her a serious temptation to use it for free. At the present moment, I can already say that the use of Universal Document Converter has raised the return on orders that were not paid for in advance by approximately 30%.

It is very important to note that Universal Document Converter is very easy to use and that it is convenient even for those who cannot brag of being an extremely advanced user of computer programs. I’m very lucky to have Universal Document Converter and want to recommend it to all my colleagues and to those who need a simple and effective solution to the protection of their documents.

Elizabeth Kotaeva,
Copywriter from Russia

Elizabeth Kotaeva