Convert HTML file to TIFF

Built-in browser tools cannot convert HTML files to the TIFF format – this type of task requires special software. Universal Document Converter uses virtual printing technology to easily convert HTML files to the TIFF format. In addition, the software offers powerful settings that are able to take control over the conversion process. As a result, […]

How to Convert HTML file to PDF

Converting an HTML file to the PDF format is one way of creating an electronic document that will be properly displaied on any computer. Universal Document Converter is the optimal solution for this type of conversion because it offers full control over a wide range of parameters while keeping the process simple for the user. […]

Convert HTML file to JPEG

Converting HTML files to the JPEG format is one of the rarer tasks users encounter. For example, you may need to include a web page into a PowerPoint presentation. There is no way to do this with standard software, but Universal Document Converter makes it easy. With Universal Document Converter, you can convert HTML files […]

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