It’s convenient to use the UDC server license!

My name is Mitsuharu Shibata. I live in Japan. I have used Universal Document Converter for more than four years. PDF format is very popular in Japan for saving legal documents. There are specific requirements set to the legal documents:

  1. The document needs to be of high quality so that people can see clearly its contents. With the help of UDC we can convert documents at 600 DPI ensuring high quality. Japanese Font is very special, so we must embed fonts with PDF; otherwise we can’t see any letters. However, UDC can convert documents as graphic files. We can see letters with no embedded fonts.
  2. We must protect documents with password. We can add password with UDC.
  3. We need to protect documents from any amendments. We also need to include the information about the date the document was created and the name of the person who created it. We can also add the company logo for extra document protection.
  4. We must search document easily taking no time. We can combine a lot of documents into one PDF made with different software.

It’s convenient to use the UDC server license. I am very good at commanding PC, but other company employees can use a PC a little. I can set rules to the files on server like adding the date, and the name and so on. Everyone can convert documents with the same format following my rule.

Mitsuharu Shibata,

Mitsuharu Shibata