Convert to Searchable PDF & Add Watermark with New Universal Document Converter 6.8

When a document is saved to PDF, you can adjust conversion so that the text inside the PDF remains accessible for searching, copying and even editing. In order to make text searchable, just set file’s Data Structure to “Searchable PDF” in Universal Document Converter 6.8, so that the content of an output file may be indexed. Thus, when you open the resulting file, you will be able to easily find and edit text, and use copy and paste tools.

Add text or image as a watermark to searchable PDF

Moreover, with the new version of Universal Document Converter not only you can make a searchable PDF, but also watermark it with your own logo, watermark or text. Once you set the watermark template, you can automatically apply it to all newly converted documents. A watermark becomes a permanent part of the document. Previously, watermarks could only be applied to bitmapped PDF or image files, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, but in the version 6.8 you can add watermark to a searchable PDF as well. The program can also perform batch processing, so you can convert multiple files to PDF and automatically add watermark to all documents at once. Add Watermark to Searchable PDF with New Universal Document Converter 6.8

Convert to searchable PDF + Add Watermark step-by-step

To place a watermark, just take these steps:
  1. Open a document and click Print
  2. Select Universal Document Converter in the list of printers and click Properties
  3. Go to File Format, select PDF document and Data structure: Searchable PDF
  4. Go to Watermark, select Text label or Picture
  5. Make necessary settings for watermark: method, position, rotation, margins, text format and transparency
  6. Click OK and Print to start the conversion of documents

Image watermark

You can place a picture on your documents using flexible settings:

Text watermark

There are even more settings available to insert a text watermark:


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