Now with the “Save as searchable PDF” ability UDC is perfect for our needs!

We were searching for a tool to create PDF’s within our programming environment ( Delphi 2010 ). On a Delphi- Developer-Homepage we found an example how to convert Word- or Excel Documents into PDF. Within this source code the use of the OCX of the Universal Document Converter was shown. This was the easiest way, how we could convert all kinds of documents into the PDF Format.

First of all I want to introduce ourselves. We are creating Management Software for the Communication and managing Program Data of CNC Machines. The Communication mostly goes by RS232 with several kind of protocols. Also different kinds of Ethernet Machines can be connected and integrated. Together with the Program Data our customer are able to add all kind of documents and manage them within a Database ( either Firebird, SQL-Server or MySQL ).

A bigger customer, wanted us to create a web based knowledge management to find and view all the created data within the Management Software. To view all kind of documents ( Word, Excel, Notepad, Textfiles, Images, etc. ) on a web based system you need either install all needed programs on all your clients, or you create PDF files and show them there. After we found Universal Document Converter we made some test’s and bought the version 5 for us to test. It worked perfect and was really easy to integrate. On the Archive Server of the customer we run our created software every night to create our PDF Copies of the Original documents.

The only minor problem was, that within the PDF, text was not searchable. I asked for support on the people of Universal Document Converter. They promised me, that with version 6 this feature will be available. And now in summer 2013 I received the newsletter with promotion for version 6. And now with this new feature Universal Document Convert is perfect for our needs.

As a summary I give 5 of 5 stars for the software and the support of UDC, the Universal Document Converter!

Arthur Rabatscher,
AR-Soft Widnau GmbH,

Arthur Rabatscher