Universal Document Converter and Business Plans Presentation

One of the most important moments in negotiations with investors is the presentation of the business plan. This is a key event during which the decision is often made regarding the financial support of a project. Therefore the delivery of the presentation must be taken extremely seriously. Usually a business plan is a fairly lengthy document including tables and diagrams. All of this makes it difficult to study and comprehend. At the same time, communication with the investor is in many cases limited. As a result, in actual practice computer presentations are used. With their aid, the presenter can visually present the concept of the business plan illustrated with tables, diagrams, photographs and other materials. Thus, computer presentations significantly simplify the presentation and, most importantly, perception of the materials by the audience. In addition, electronic presentations can be recorded on compact disks and used as handouts during the presentation as well as sent to potential investors. As of today, the de facto standard for creating computer presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint. This is a fairly simple and convenient product that can be used by even beginning computer users. However, despite this, there are several disadvantages. The most important of these is the limited number of file formats that can be used in creating slides. And if no problems arise with graphs and diagrams created in Microsoft Excel, then, for example inserting technical drawings and blueprints may prove to be a difficult task. At the same time, while creating a business plan for various companies and enterprises, the need to use a wide variety of different items may arise. Of course, it is possible to make do without them, but this defeats the purpose of delivering the presentation of the business plan. Problems connected with the design of technical drawings and other objects unsupported by Microsoft PowerPoint can be solved by converting them into image files. The company fCoder Group suggests using the application Universal Document Converter for this task. Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer that implements the conversion of objects when you “print” them. Such an approach has two considerable advantages. Firstly, it makes using the program simple and convenient. Secondly, it makes it possible to convert files of any complexity into the needed format. In addition, Universal Document Converter includes a range of features to maximally simplify work for the user. These include support for profiles (a ready-made collection of settings for solving a variety of tasks) and an interactive preview showing the effects of various settings on the output file. In summary, Universal Document Converter is a useful tool that makes it possible to create in Microsoft PowerPoint truly effective computer presentations.
  • Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven

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