The IProfile interface provides access to all the settings related to converting documents using the Universal Document Converter virtual printer.


IAdjustments Adjustments

Provides access to the IAdjustments interface, which controls page processing settings for the document being converted: cropping and resizing

IAdvanced Advanced
Provides access to the IAdvanced interface which controls advanced conversion settings.

IFileFormats FileFormat
Provides access to the IFileFormats interface which controls output file properties: file format and settings.

IOutputLocation OutputLocation
Provides access to the IOutputLocation interface which points to the output folder and helps configure filename generation for output files.

IPageSetup PageSetup
Provides access to the IPageSetup interface which controls output file page properties: width, height, orientation, etc.

IPostProcessing PostProcessing
Provides access to the IPostProcessing interface which controls output file post-processing.

IWatermark Watermark
Provides access to the IWatermark interface which controls the application of watermarks to output document pages.


Load(String sFilePath)

Loads settings from the specified profile file.
sFilePathStringFilename of file containing settings.

Save(String sFilePath)
Saves existing settings to a profile file
sFilePathStringFilename of file to save current settings to.


Visual Basic 6

Dim objUDC As IUDC Dim itfPrinter As IUDCPrinter Dim itfProfile As IProfile Set objUDC = New UDC.APIWrapper Set itfPrinter = objUDC.Printers("Universal Document Converter") Set itfProfile = itfPrinter.Profile Call itfProfile.Load ("C:\my settings.xml")