How to Convert Several Image Files into a Single PDF

This tutorial will show you how to convert several image files into a single PDF document.

Let’s say we have several photos we need to combine into a single report. Select a row of image files and right-click the first file.

Be careful here. If you select more than one row at a time, the images will be converted in random order (probably not what you want). If the order matters, be sure to select just one row at a time and right-click on the first file in the row.

Click “Print”. Select the “Universal Document Converter” printer from the dropdown list. Click “Options”. Click “Printer Properties”.

Click “Load Settings” and open the “UDCDefault” profile. Click “Landscape”. Go to “File Format” and select “True Color”. Then select “Append all documents to the existing file”. Under “Post-Processing”, click “Open output folder”.

Click OK and click “Print” to start the conversion process. The first batch of image files has now been converted into a single PDF file.

Select the second row of images and right-click the first image. Click “Print”. Press the “Print” button to start the conversion process. Select the same file name as before to append the image files to the previously-created PDF.

And there you have it – 8 image files converted into a single PDF document!

  • John Haddock


    «Universal Document Converter is perfect for converting Word and PowerPoint documents into high quality JPEG images or well-compressed PDF files.»