Try UDC first and save yourself the migraine!

I recently had a problem printing a particular PDF file. Regardless of what I tried, I would get faint white lines across my printed copies of the PDF file. This was the only format that I had the files saved in, so I had do come up with something else not to lose my job.

Acrobat Pro has the ability to export as tiff or jpeg so I tried that and it still put the lines on the pictures. Almost a day later, I was still fighting that pdf file. Aargh!

Upon doing some research, I came across the Universal Document Converter. I downloaded the trial version and used it to print a high resolution tiff file from the pdf. It worked perfectly! I was able to print the tiff file and it looked right (hallelujah, no white lines!)

I immediately purchased the full version and used it to output the job. I had a satisfied customer and a whole lot less aggravation. I wish I didn’t spend almost a full day trying everything I could think of to get it to work before I found this nifty little program at The problem was solved as quickly as it took to convert the files. I definitely want to keep a copy of Universal Document Converter around for the times when nothing else works. In fact, try it first and save yourself the migraine!

Matthew Vance,

Matthew Vance