Convert Excel to TIFF

Although Excel seems to be more practical and handier in use, conversion from Excel to TIFF is a pretty frequent necessity. The TIFF format is widely used in faxing, scanning and other documentary exchange processing. It does not allow making any calculations, but it does allow showing their results without referring you to the outside […]

Convert Excel to JPEG

Excel to JPEG conversion is probably the most called for. Excel spreadsheets or diagrams are hard to distribute, and the only way to make them more dynamic is to convert them to another format that is more web-friendly. JPEG files can be viewed from any web browsers, which makes conversion from Excel to JPEG very […]

How to Convert Excel to PDF

Microsoft Excel program contains macros, diagrams, and mathematical calculations. The Excel files may also contain external links to various sources. All these factors make it hard or impossible to send the Excel files by email or publish them in the web. If you try and open the Excel document received by email, first thing you […]

How to Save Excel as PDF

Microsoft Excel is used for working with electronic sheets. Apart from comprising all the data into charts, the program enables the user to perform mathematical functions making corresponding diagrams. Besides, Microsoft Excel makes it possible to upload data from outside resources and data bases. The structure of the document received as a result becomes pretty […]

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