How to Convert Access Report to TIFF

Many companies regularly face the necessity to send Microsoft Access reports using facsimiles. The usual workaround involves printing the reports and faxing them manually. With Universal Document Converter, however, users can save time by quickly converting Access reports to the TIFF format for e-faxing them directly from their computers. Please follow this manual to start […]

How to Convert Access Report to PDF

Today many companies use the database software Microsoft Access for a wide variety of business applications. The software displays information in the form of reports. Converting these reports from Access to PDF makes them available in a universally accessible format. Universal Document Converter handles the conversion easily and offers flexible custom settings for controlling the […]

How to Convert Access Report to JPEG

Converting Access reports to JPEG format is useful for a number of applications, such as making report data available on a corporate website. Universal Document Converter uses virtual printing to quickly and easily turn Access reports into JPEG files. In addition to saving time, Universal Document Converter gives users full control over converted file parameters, […]

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