Universal Document Converter is a virtual printer designed to convert documents of any types to the PDF format or image files. The software allows processing Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Adobe PDF files, or Autodesk AutoCAD drawings converting them to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG, or simply printing them with a regular printer.


Document Management and Storage

Nowadays companies use all types of documents saved in various formats. Many of these formats require special software programs to open and view the files, which causes issues when exchanging the documents among several users. However, by saving your documents as PDF files you will make them software independent. Universal Document Converter enables the users to convert any documents to Adobe PDF in a simple and efficient way.


Universal Document Converter will help you quickly convert Autodesk AutoCAD drawings, Microsoft Visio diagrams, and other documents to JPEG and PNG for easy insertion into PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, etc.

Internet Publication

Internet is a unique network connecting clients with companies, and companies with business partners. Our software easily and efficiently converts any documents (drawings, diagrams, product catalogs, etc.) to PDF for their direct upload to websites. This format assures that the information is presented in a reliable and tamper-proof manner.

Preparation for Printing

Convert documents to high-resolution TIFF to guarantee high printing quality.

Corporate Business Process Management

Most advanced business process management systems use a single format to store all electronic documents. The Universal Document Converter is a convenient solution for converting documents of any type to a format of this type.

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