Why Convert Documents

There exist several reasons for converting documents to graphics files or PDF.

Compatibility and Protection from Distortion

Documents saved in an all-purpose format can be opened on any computer running any operating system. They will also look the same on any PC and will not be distorted in any way. This is especially important for the document management systems, when there is a necessity to exchange documents among several companies.


All-purpose graphics format or PDF ensures that the document will be opened on any device. Since all the software programs get constantly updated, compatibility with the preceding versions does not always exist, which, in return, results in the necessity to save the documents in the file formats that are very unlikely to change.

Diversity of Tasks

Document conversion makes addressing many heterogeneous tasks, such as online publication, printing press preparation, etc. significantly simpler.


The use of graphic formats or PDF achieves uniform for rendering of documents of different types in document acquisition and processing systems.