With Universal Document Converter we can produce copies of our designs from any CAD software

Dosec Design is an electronic engineering company providing a combination of product hardware and software development as well as organisation and management of product manufacture. Dosec Design is part of the ‘MET Systems Pty. Ltd. Group’, which also markets and manufactures a number of, in-house designed, niche market products including the Unicare hospital nurse call system and the METS-2000 motorist emergency telephone system. Many of these systems are exported and MET Systems provides engineering services to commission, train and support, on site, in Australia and overseas. MET Systems (Dosec) have now been exporting for ten years and have achieved as much as 70% of gross income directly from export sales during that period. Dosec Design has its roots in a family company started by Leo Otton, father of Ric Otton, the Managing Director, in 1959. The company has had more than 45 years of successful business in engineering design and manufacture, for major multi-national corporations and small companies alike, in many disciplines from steel production through to science and bio-medicine.

Ric Otton, Managing Director in Dosec Innovations Pty. Ltd. said:

I originally purchased Universal Document Converter because we do a lot of Computer Aided Design using various CAD packages. Often CAD software packages, although great for design, do not have lots of options for printing and file conversion. We found that we could not always produce copies of our designs that could easily be printed, incorporated into documents or sent to clients, who don’t use CAD, for design review. Universal Document Converter has eliminated those problems.

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