I recommend UDC to anyone who wants to print to a JPG file!

GemEx Systems has been the light performance standard in the diamond industry since 1998. GemEx introduced the concept of scientifically measuring the light performance of diamonds and consumer have embraced this metric of diamond evaluation as demonstrated by the great success that GemEx customers have had selling diamonds with the GemEx Reports.

Ken Hanson from GemEx Systems, Inc. said:

We have an automated Filemaker program that creates diamond memos on a form. There are several images and text, and we need these forms in a high quality JPG format. For each record, Filemaker prints to the Universal Document Converter printer with a standard file name, then exports a command line to a batch file and executes it to rename the file appropriately. It works every time without a flaw! The quality is excellent. I recommend Universal Document Converter to anyone who wants to print to a JPG file.

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