Even non-programmer could use UDC in VBA!

We are a small business of 20 staff involved the property industry. We searched for months trying to find an electronic document management system that worked well with MS Office, and our own specialist software. We did find some systems, all with $20k+ price tags, and none had the seamless integration we wanted.

We opted finally for Universal Document Converter because it could be controlled by VB, had a typical interface of any other printer, and appeared excellent value. So with the help of Universal Document Converter coding samples, and from sites on Office Automation, we found even a non-programmer (such as me!) could write the VBA code and integrate the modules into MS Word normal.dot and Outlook macros.

The first outcome is that the user simply clicks a custom tool bar button & inputs a file name, then the code prints the document to the actual printer (or email), converts the document using Universal Document Converter to pdf, and then saves the pdf into our DMS.

We developed this concept further so that when merging word docs, the merge is interrupted at each record, and the merged document is outputted to either the physical printer if there’s no email in the data source, or emailed if there is. A field in the data source also contains the file name, and this is passed to the UDC printer. This means when merging, and without user intervention, we end up with a separate pdf document for each record in the merge that’s printed or emailed, and saved into our DMS. Saves heaps of time!

To conclude, I sincerely compliment the support staff at fCoder. Over the last couple of years of using UDC, I’ve had two occasions to request help, and without exception, had a response not later than the next day!

Greg Page, Proprietor of Page & Pearce

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