UDC is now the hub around my printing needs!

I am trying to go paperless in the office, as I am tired of wasting boxes of paper, and quite frankly the filing cabinets are so full you can’t even open them anymore.

To do this, I have a few different applications that produce PDF files, a version of Adobe Pro and Foxit. Both of these are great for editing and turning oodles of Word and PDF files into one single PDF file. The problem is that these applications put their own spin on a PDF file, and when I send them out of their application they sometimes show up in the recipient’s email as a corroded file. This usually happens when my boss’s boss is waiting on a document or it is time to go home.

To top it off, the Information Systems guys came in and unplugged all our scanners in the name of security. “Thanks guys.” And they informed us that we could use the copiers to scan documents. What these very intelligent information managers failed to realize was that we have to upload TIFF documents into some of our programs and the copier may convert documents to TIFF, but only 1 page per file will be produced. Scan a 40 page document in the scanner and you get 40 individual TIFF files in your email. Wonderful!

With that, I need something extremely versatile and quick to use. A program that could tie everything together and take the hassle out of producing PDF and TIFF documents, or any other format for that matter. That’s where Universal Document Converter comes in. I set it up as my default printer, and it takes documents I send it, in any format I choose, and turns them into a PDF or anything else I need, quick and easy. Just the way I need it.

I found Universal Document Converter easy to use, intelligently designed, well-constructed, and it uploaded flawlessly. I found another plus too. If I want to secure a document, so no one with the same software I use can alter the documents…who would do that?… UDC embeds the letters into the document so changes by second parties are impossible.

5 out of 5 stars for Universal Document Converter! UDC is now the hub around my printing needs. Thank you for making life so much easier.

David Laramee,
Orlando, FL

David Laramee