Universal Document Converter is a Must for any Business, Webmaster or Individual User

Information Services has responsibility for information resources, services and technology at Curtin. Its portfolio is made up of two major arms: Information Management Services (IMS) and Library & Information Service (LIS). IMS is responsible for Curtin’s corporate Information & Communication Technology infrastructure. It participates in partnerships both internal and external to the university, providing client support and customer service, leadership in management and governance, and working to develop and implement corporate applications for educational and administrative purposes. LIS contributes to the university’s commitment to the advancement of knowledge and enrichment of culture by providing innovative scholarly information services. It works in partnership with the university’s scholarly community to provide scholarly resources, facilitate scholarly communication, and to provide environments that foster reading, enquiry, research and critical thought.

Darren Blackley, Snr. Systems Engineer in Information Services of Curtin University of Technology said:

Universal Document Converter is equal with Adobe Acrobat in terms of providing a generic document format that any user on any platform can view. Further in some cases it is better than Acrobat simply because you do not need to install a special viewer. Combining these advantages with the easy of use and the ease of outputting your documents to a graphic file format makes Universal Document Converter a must for any business, webmaster or individual user.

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