Universal Document Converter 5.0 is Now 64-bit Compatibe!

Alexandria, Virginia (8 September 2009). The company fCoder Group presents Universal Document Converter 5.0. The new version of the program is compatible with all modern versions of the Windows operating system, supports exporting documents into the PDF/A format and can place watermarks on copies of documents.

Program Interface

During the course of developing the new version of Universal Document Converter we not only analyzed the requests of users that were regularly sent to the support service of the company, but also conducted an investigation of the majority of competing products. In addition, we studied and took note of trends in developing modern user interfaces for commercial software programs.

These investigations resulted in the completely redesigned interface of the program that gives users the ability to take advantage of the full power of the product and not waste time studying how to use it.

The interface of Universal Document Converter 5.0 as well as a video presentation and instruction manual for the program have been translated into 6 language: English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish and French.

Compatibility with New Versions of Windows

Universal Document Converter 5.0 has not only changed its outward appearance, but also added support for all modern versions of the Windows operating system, from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista and also Windows 2008 server. What is more, the new version supports both 32 as well as 64 bit versions of these operating systems.

Additionally, in network printing mode there is now the ability to simultaneously use Universal Document Converter on computers with different versions of the Windows operating system, for example Windows 2003 Server 64 bit and Windows XP 32 bit or Windows 2000 Server 32 bit and Windows Vista 64 bit.

Graphics Engine of the Program

The graphics engine of the program has also been completely redesigned. As a result, converting documents into the majority of output formats is significantly faster, while the quality of exporting documents with color reduction has improved. In addition, the maximum resolution of output documents has increased to 6000 DPI.

The new graphics engine has made it possible to implement additional processing of output copies of documents. In particular, it is now possible to place watermarks on copies, create background images for document pages as well as proportionally change the size of copies of documents.

The list of output image formats has also improved. For example, it is now possible to export documents into PDF/A – the format standardized by the ISO committee for the long-term storage of documents. Additionally, the ability to password protect newly created PDF files from unauthorized access has been added.

Usage at Enterprises

In the new version of Universal Document Converter, special attention was devoted to the corporate usage of the product. In particular, the registered version of the program can be installed in background mode by entering the serial number and profile with the desired settings. Such a method significantly speeds up the deployment of the program on a large number of computers, installed, for example, in several offices of the company.

In addition, the fifth version of Universal Document converter has become significantly easier to use as a component of business-applications, working on a web-server or server application. For this purpose, not only has the developer’s API been updated, but it is now possible to use Universal Document converter in logout mode, i.e. when there are no users logged onto the server.

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