Printing to PDF with Ease, Virtual PDF Printer

At present, PDF is one of the most popular formats for storing and exchanging electronic documents. However, the task of creating such files, especially in mass quantities, often creates difficulties for the user. In this article we will discuss how to convert documents into PDF easily and efficiently. The company fCoder group recommends using Universal Document Converter for exporting documents to the PDF format. Essentially, this program is a virtual printer. As a result, from the user’s point of view, using it to convert documents appears the same as printing documents on a conventional printer. There are several significant advantages to such an approach. For one thing, it insures a maximum level of ease and convenience for the user. Secondly, it is precisely printing to PDF that makes it possible to convert practically any type document, from simple texts to enormous charts. The process of printing to PDF is accomplished in the following way. Upon installing Universal Document Converter onto the computer, a new virtual printer appears in the system. After this you need to open the file you wish to convert with the program you normally use to edit such files and print it choosing Universal Document Converter from the list of printers installed on the computer. The next stage involves configuring the settings for printing to PDF. In the majority of cases, it is sufficient to accomplish the given task by choosing from a list the appropriate profile – a file with stored settings. Included in Universal Document Converter is a whole range of such profiles for printing documents to PDF, printing electronic charts to PDF, etc. If necessary, the user can change the standard profiles or add new ones. Not only home users encounter the need to print to PDF, but corporate users as well. However, they are confronted by different concerns such as how to increase staff efficiency. After all, it’s no secret that the process of printing to PDF multipage documents or large format technical drawings requires significant time as well as system resources. In addition, the work of employees printing such documents to PDF on their own computers will be hindered until the printing process is concluded. In order to solve such a problem, Universal Document Converter can print to PDF over the network. This appears as follows: Universal Document Converter is installed on the server as a network printer. In this case, employee workstations are under much less of a load since the lion’s share of computing resources related to printing to PDF are taken on by the server. In conclusion, the program Universal Document Converter is an effective and extremely convenient tool for printing to PDF. With its aid, this task can be accomplished both on single computers as well as corporate local networks.
  • Jesse Tokar

    CFO of FBC Mortgage Inc.

    «It is extremely easy to install and configure and I just love that it functions like a PDF-print function. I was looking for something like this for a long time and no other product could even come close in ease of use and functionality.»