The Business-oriented PDF Creator

All PDF files you can find are created by means of converting already existing documents from other formats using special software. In this article we suggest looking in detail at the process of creating PDF files with the aid of one of the most convenient business-oriented PDF creators. One of the most convenient products for the end user is the utility Universal Document Converter. This program is a full-featured PDF creator that uses the technology of virtual printing. This means that upon installing this program, another printing device is added to the system, named, likewise, Universal Document Converter. To create a PDF file, you simply need to open the original document in its native application (Microsoft Word – for text documents, AutoCAD – for drawings, etc.) and “print” it on this printer. There are two advantages to such an approach. For one thing, printing documents to PDF makes the conversion process extremely easy and convenient for the end user (in fact, no more complicated than printing on an ordinary printer). Secondly, with the aid of Universal Document Converter, you can create PDF files from any type of document. The process of creating PDF documents using Universal Document Converter appears in the following way. First launch the viewer or editor, open the needed document and print it with the printer Universal Document Converter. In the printing settings window, choose the desired profile. These profiles are yet another special feature of this PDF creator, consisting of a ready-made collection of conversion settings that are most suitable for a particular task. It is worth noting that a large number of profiles are included with Universal Document Converter for creating PDF files such as “Document to PDF (Color)”, “Table to PDF (black&white)”, etc. Naturally the users may create new profiles as well as edit existing ones. Afterwards, if necessary, you can edit the parameters for conversion. While doing so, note the embedded preview image. Here you can see at a glance all changes made to the settings, which is very convenient. Also worth noting is the ‘files’ tab in the settings window, for Universal Document Converter is able to create multi-page files. This is yet another special feature of this PDF creator. Users can themselves choose what they need: to convert each page of the original document into a separate file or create a separate multi-page PDF document. After this, all it takes to convert the document is to press a button and wait a little. That is why Universal Document Converter is one of the most convenient PDF creators on the market that is suitable for home as well as professional use.
  • Lori Hamilton

    Cameron LNG, USA

    «Universal Document Converter is beautiful and runs so smoothly! I will get a lot of use out of it. I'm the only designer at this site, and every department needs some kind of file converted all the time!»