FolderMill 5.0 – Multitasking Mode, Uploading to Email or FTP, Better Performance, and New Interface

fCoder released a new version of FolderMill, software for automated file conversion and document printing. Multitasking mode, faster files’ processing, FTP and Email as new inputs and outputs, ability to process Office files without Office apps installed, and more – in this update.

Automate sending files to email or uploading them to FTP with FolderMill 5.0

The new Multitasking Mode

One of the biggest improvements made in the new version of FolderMill is the Multitasking mode. Thanks to this mode, the program now processes several files at once. The number of simultaneously processed files would depend on the number of CPU threads (simply speaking, the power of the computer’s processor). This mode is enabled by default and the number of tasks can be adjusted manually.

As a result, FolderMill adapts to the power of the computer it is installed on to perform well on both low-end and high-end PCs.

How FolderMill works

The software lets you easily automate and speed up the process of printing or conversion of multiple files. Since FolderMill can work on a server and doesn’t require to be installed on end-users’ PCs, it can be easily integrated into an existing document processing system. 

FolderMill can be installed on a server or workstation and is operated from the Control Panel. You can add actions to be performed in real time, e.g., file printing or conversion. Once configured, FolderMill constantly monitors the Hot Folder (it can be a regular folder, FTP or email box) and automatically processes all new incoming files according to pre-defined rules. The whole process is made easy for the end-users – all they have to do is copy or drag’n’drop their files to the Hot Folder and get results in the output location or printouts from the printer tray in a short while.  

With FolderMill, anyone can set up automatic conversion, printing, copying, watermarking, or renaming of files. Besides these operations, the new version 5.0 has gotten the ability to upload files to FTP or send them to a specific email box.

Version 5.0 highlights

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