Add Text or Image Watermark in Batch Mode with DocuFreezer 3.2

A new and improved version of our file converter for Windows has been released! DocuFreezer version 3.2 features new abilities for batch watermarking, updated Settings panel, new supported formats, and more.

Apply fully customizable watermarks to document pages

One of the new cool features of DocuFreezer 3.2 is new intuitive controls for watermarking. Adding a watermark to files can help protect your content from unauthorized use or apply a logo for branding. Different settings and parameters are available whether you’re adding a text or an image.

How to add a user-defined watermark to multiple files at once

To add one or a few watermarks, open DocuFreezer, click Settings and go to the Edit operations section. Then use the Add new button to add and configure watermarks you’d like to add to the output files pages.

Add watermark to multiple files

Now you can customize watermarks not only with Universal Document Converter but also with DocuFreezer. Parameters for watermarking are similar in both apps. But using DocuFreezer will allow you to:

Besides, with DocuFreezer, you can add several watermarks simultaneously and control their vertical position by moving them up or down.

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What else is new in version 3.2

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DocuFreezer is an offline batch conversion software that lets you easily save multiple files to the preferred document (PDF, TXT) or image format (JPG, PNG, TIF). The program is available for download and non-commercial use for free.