fCoder Releases a Major Update 9.0 for 2TIFF

2TIFF, a command line tool for batch conversion to the TIFF format, has been updated to version 9.0 and improved with new processing core and 10 new features. 

2TIFF allows the conversion of entire folders (including subfolders) and archives with multiple files and can easily be operated from any command line interface (CLI). You can select specific pages, sort output files, process attachments, and make the conversion to TIFF silent or without alerts. All the software’s commands and parameters are described in the updated syntax.

Automate conversion to TIFF from command line with 2TIFF 9.0

With 2TIFF, you can automatically resize, mirror-flip, crop, rotate, apply auto levels to images and modify them: set color correction, set image resolution, brightness, contrast, compression, noise level, and much more. You can change these parameters just by adding their values to the command line.

Convert PDF, DOCX, HTML, JPG, PNG to TIFF from command line with 2TIFF

The software lets you easily automate the process of batch processing of multiple files. Since 2TIFF does not have a graphic interface, this utility can be integrated into an existing document processing system. For example, it can be called from another software or a Command Prompt, Visual Basic, or PowerShell script.

Version 9.0 highlights

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