Printing to PDF from Command Line with fCoder 2Printer 7.0

If you want to make PDF printer work from command line, try Universal Document Converter together with 2Printer! fCoder 2Printer was recently updated to version 7.0 – and improved with many new features.

With these two programs installed, you can automate virtual printing of multiple files. Just specify a location with files to be saved as PDF and select Universal Document Converter as a printer for the 2Printer command. This way, you can bulk convert office documents, emails, images, or other filetypes to PDF (or image formats: TIFF, PNG, JPEG, and others).

Making PDF printer work from command line with fCoder 2Printer 7.0

How to batch print to PDF via command line interface

Once you have 2Printer installed, you can save all files in a folder to PDF by opening cmd.exe (or another command line interpreter) and executing this sample command:

2printer.exe -src “C:\Input\*.* -prn “Universal Document Converter”

Please make sure that PDF format is selected in Universal Document Converter settings in advance (Printing Preferences > File Format > PDF document).

2Printer syntax is rather simple. You should specify a source (-src) after 2printer.exe. A source can be a folder, a list of files, or a path to a single file. There are also many additional parameters, which can be configured. 

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2Printer can be launched from your own software, a VB Script, or a batch file. You can integrate 2Printer into the corporate workflow system. The program is available for download and non-commercial use for free.