The IPDF interface is designed to configure the output files to be saved in the PDF format.


Enum Multipage
Helps manage the process of creating multi-page output files. It is both readable and writable.
MM_SINGLE0Each page of the source document and every one-page document are saved as separate files
MM_MULTI2Each multi-page source document is saved as a single multi-page file
MM_APPEND3The content of all documents processed is saved in a single multi-page file

Enum Standard
Defines the type of newly created PDF files. It is both readable and writable.
STD_REGULAR0Regular PDF file. No PDF/A and no password protection. You are able to edit this PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional if you want.
STD_PDFA1Newly created PDF file corresponds to PDF/A standard. Password protection unsupported.
STD_PROTECTED2A password is required to open an output file. The password is set using the Password property.

String Password
Contains the password to be used to protect newly created PDF files. Valid only if the Standard property is set to STD_PROTECTED. It is both readable and writable.

Boolean VectorMode
Defines the structure of newly created PDF file.
TrueSearchable PDF
FalseBitmapped PDF

Enum ColorSpace
Defines the bit depth of the resulting image measured as the number of bits representing each pixel. It is both readable and writable.
CS_BLACKWHITE1Black and white image (1 bit per pixel)
CS_16COLORS4Color image, 16 colors (4 bits per pixel)
CS_16GRAYSCALE132Grayscale image (16 hues, 4 bits per pixel)
CS_256COLORS8Color image, 256 colors (8 bits per pixel)
CS_256GRAYSCALE136Grayscale image (256 hues, 8 bits per pixel)
CS_TRUECOLOR24True color image (24 bits per pixel)

Enum Compression
Defines the image compression algorithm to be applied when creating TIFF files. Please note that certain compression algorithms are only applicable to files with a certain bit depth. An exception will be generated if an attempt is made to set compression that is incompatible with the current bit depth. It is both readable and writable.
CMP_DEFAULT0xFFFFFFFFSoftware automatically selects the best compression mode: CCITT Group4, if the ColorSpace property is set to CS_BLACKWHITE, and LZW otherwise
CMP_NONE0No compression
CMP_CCITTGR31CCITT Group 3 compression (a lossless Huffman algorithm using a fixed table). Valid only if the ColorSpace property is set to CS_BLACKWHITE
CMP_CCITTGR42CCITT Group 4 compression (a more advanced version of CCITT Group 3). Valid only if the ColorSpace property is set to CS_BLACKWHITE
CMP_FLATE4Flate compression (lossless compression using an algorithm similar to ZIP)

Enum Smoothing
Defines the dithering mode applied to half-tone transitions and is used to reduce stepwise rendering when representing downsampled images. Dithering is applied only if the ColorSpace property has one of the following values: CS_BLACKWHITE, CS_16COLORS, CS_16GRAYSCALE, CS_256COLORS. It is both readable and writable.
SM_HQ1High-quality dithering is enabled to optimize the quality of the output images
SM_FAST0Fast dithering is used to optimize the speed of the conversion process


Visual Basic 6

Dim objUDC As IUDC Dim itfPrinter As IUDCPrinter Dim itfProfile As IProfile Set objUDC = New UDC.APIWrapper Set itfPrinter = objUDC.Printers("Universal Document Converter") Set itfProfile = itfPrinter.Profile ' Set PDF as current output file format itfProfile.FileFormat.ActualFormat = FMT_PDF itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.Multipage = MM_MULTI itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.Standard = STD_PROTECTED itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.Password = "1234567" ' Searchable or Bitmapped PDF itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.VectorMode = True ' For Bitmapped PDF only itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.ColorSpace = CS_GRAYSCALE_256 itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.Compression = CMP_DEFAULT itfProfile.FileFormat.PDF.Smoothing = SM_FAST