Developer Licensing Options

We offer three different licensing options for Universal Document Converter depending on your environment:

1. Regular licensing – limited number of users accessing your application.

If you are developing small or medium automation systems and know how many users would use Universal Document Converter, you need a regular Business License corresponding to the number of users who would use your application. This license allows using Universal Document Converter from your application, installing Universal Document Converter on every user’s computer and letting them use it as stand-alone application or sharing it over the network.

We provide significant discounts for developers or IT specialists, so this licensing option is the most flexible and convenient one.

2. Server license – unlimited access to your application which functions as a server-side system.

This license lets you install Universal Document Converter on one server and access it locally from your application. This license doesn’t allow installing Universal Document Converter on end-users’ computers and doesn’t allow sharing Universal Document Converter over the network. The price of the server license is $999.

3. Developer license – unlimited number of users accessing your application with distribution.

This license lets you distribute Universal Document Converter together with your application for an unlimited number of users. You can’t distribute or re-sell Universal Document Converter as a stand-alone application. The developer license costs $4500.

Any kind of developer option requires approval. Please send us a request for the license you need and we’ll find the best offer for you. Don’t forget to include a brief description of your project and the role that Universal Document Converter plays in it, as well as how many end-users are estimated. Send your request or any question you may have here.