Text Watermark

A text watermark is a series of text strings applied to the pages of output files. The interface controls below are used to configure this functionality.

Help Universal Document Converter text watermark

Text. The watermark string. It may contain the following macros that the software replaces with actual values at runtime.

Macro Description Example value
&[DocName(0)] Document Name My Document
&[DocName(1)] Uppercase Document Name MY DOCUMENT
&[DocName(2)] Lowercase Document Name my document
&[Page(0)] Page Number 3
. . .
Page Number of between 2 and 6 Digits 05

&[Year(0)] Current 4-Digit Year 2009
&[Year(1)] Current 2-Digit Year 09
&[Month(0)] Current Month as Text February
&[Month(1)] Current Month as 2-Digit Number 02
&[Month(2)] Current Month as Roman Numerals II
&[MonthDay(0)] Current Date 3
&[MonthDay(1)] Current 2-Digit Date 03
&[WeekDay(0)] Current Day of Week as Text Tuesday
&[WeekDay(1)] Current Day of Week as Number 3
&[WeekDay(2)] Current Day of Week as 2-Digit Number 03
&[Date(0)] Current Complete Date Tuesday, February 03, 2009
&[Date(1)] Current Complete Date as dd.mm.yyyy 03.02.2009
&[Date(1)] Current Complete Date as dd.mm.yy 03.02.09
&[Hour(0)] Current Hour in 24-Hour Format 21
&[Hour(1)] Current Hour in 12-Hour Format 09
&[Hour(2)] AM or PM am
&[Min(0)] Current Minutes 31
&[Sec(0)] Current Seconds 38
&[Time(0)] Current Time in hh-mm-ss Format 09-31-38
&[Time(1)] Current Time in hh-mm (24-Hour) Format 21-31
&[Time(2)] Current Time in hh-mm (12-Hour) Format 09-31

Macros may be entered manually or selected from a list by pressing help-udc-button. An example is given next to the name of each macro as an illustration of what the resulting file will look like.

Font. Watermark font.

Size. Watermark font size.

B. Bold.

I. Italics.

U. Underline.

"Border". Border around the watermark.

Background Color. Watermark background color.

Transparency. Watermark transparency (as a percentage value).

Method. Watermark string application method:

Stretch Watermark to Fit Page. Enables the watermark to be stretched to fit the entire page.

Position X. Watermark horizontal alignment: left, right, or center.

Position Y. Watermark vertical alignment: bottom, top, or center.

Rotation. Watermark rotation in degrees.

Margins (pixels) X. The number of pixels a watermark is offset horizontally with respect to a point set automatically based on alignment.

Margins (pixels) Y. The number of pixels a watermark is offset vertically with respect to a point set automatically based on alignment.

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