Paper Form Manager

Use the Paper Form Manager to compile a list of page formats displayed on the Page Setup tab: edit or delete controls, create new ones.

To start the Paper Form Manager, select the Page Setup tab and click .

"The Paper Form Manager is a window with two lists. The left-hand side shows the page sizes displayed in the basic list on the Page Setup tab. The right-hand side, on the other hand, shows all possible standards by group (ANSI, ISO A, ISO B, etc.).


The lists are managed using the following interface controls.

< Add. Add a format selected from the right-hand list to the left-hand list.

Delete >. Delete a list entry from the left-hand list.

Move Up. Move a left-hand list entry up one rank.

Move Down. Move a left-hand list entry down one rank.

In addition, the user is able to create custom page formats. To do this, click Create Custom Format, enter the name of a new list entry, the width, the height, and the units of measure, and click OK. This will put the entry in the left-hand list.

To delete a previously created custom format, select it from the left-hand list, and click Remove >". Please note, that custom formats never show up in the right-hand list and cannot be reinstated once deleted (they can only be recreated manually).

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