The fields below are used to configure this format.

udc pdf

General Settings

Multipage – Method for creating output files:

PDF Standard. The PDF Standard option defines the type of output PDF files:

Password – contains the password to be used to protect new PDF files. You can enter a password if the PDF Standard option is Password protected.

Data structure – structure of output PDF files:

Additional Settings

Color Depth – sets the output Bitmapped PDF files’ color option: Monochrome (1 bit), Grayscale (4 bits), 16 colors (4 bits), Grayscale (8 bits), 256 colors (8 bits), True Color (24 bits).

Perform high-quality dithering – used to reduce stepwise rendering when representing images at lower bit depths. Used only for Bitmapped PDF files creating. Applicable to the following bit depths only: Monochrome, 4-bit grayscale, 16 colors, 256 colors.

Compression – compression algorithm for the resulting graphic in Bitmapped PDF:

Availability of various algorithms depends on selected bit depth.